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Bowl Shows

Bowl Shows are held at each General Meeting and have two predetermined classes and one open class. The December Bowl Show is the Championship show. All First Place winners from the previous 10 monthly shows are eligible to be a Champion!

Breeders Award Program

Recognizes the outstanding achievement in the breeding of aquarium fish. The programs encourages the spawning of aquarium fish and to share knowledge of breeding techniques.

BAP Spawning Report Form


Aquarist of the Year

Members are encouraged to accrue points throughout the year. Points are accrued through a variety of different aspects associated with the club. The member with the highest number of points at the end of the year is awarded the Aquarist of the Year Award.

PAR Meter Loaner Program

The Apogee MQ-510 is a precise instrument used to measure PAR in the aquarium and we offer one to our members to use free at our General meetings. It can also be checked out for one month at the meeting and returned at the next meeting. A fully refundable deposit of $550 (full cost of the meter) on a credit card is required.

PAR Meter Loaner Program and Agreement Form

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