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Local Clubs

 Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association meets at Colorado Academy, 3800 S. Pierce St.  Meeting dates are generally scheduled for 2nd Friday of each month, except July, August, and December.  For more information go to

Colorado Killie Club Meeting dates are generally scheduled for third Sunday of odd numbered months.

Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado (MASC) meets each month at various locations in the metro Denver area. MASC holds coral swaps around the metro area. Visit their Facebook page for more info. Membership is $24/year.

The Southern Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado (SCMAS) meets monthly in the Colorado Springs area. Membership is $20/year.  No website.

Fish Tank Life of Southern Colorado  meets monthly at Plant n Polyp in Colorado Springs.  

Rocky Mountain Koi Club Meets the 3rd Saturday of the month usually. See their website for details.  

Southern Colorado Koi Club Meetings are held once a month, February through November. They will be held at various places and times, so check the events calendar for future dates.

Colorado Water Garden Society Meets at the DBG, usually Mid-month, see their website for more info.  They are pond plant focused, however we listed them because of the overlap with aquarium plants and they have spoken at our meetings in the past.  

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