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The CAS November Meeting will be about elections for Officers and BOD members.  Please attend so you can vote.  No Proxy votes.  


Our In-person meetings are the First Friday of each month, December meeting will be a party in a different location so stay tuned for that info. Please join us!

The Church is requesting that all people wear masks inside the building. Enter via the North entrance on Hampden Ave, the South entrance will be locked. 

We have both a mini-auction and a bowl show at every in-person meeting.


Our new 2021 T-Shirt design shown here is NOW available. Check out our store at the link above.

We are working on starting up in person meetings again and hope to have them by the summer.  So Stay Tuned!  While there is no Spring Auction, we do have the Fall Auction reserved with the date set for October 16th, 2021.


The CAS Board of Directors endorses and recommends the use of to Sell and/or Buy fish and plants. There is no cost to our members to use this site. 


Anybody can sell/buy fish and plants at, no charge at all. This opportunity is meant specifically for CAS members to use. The Direct Sale can last, practically as an ad, up to one year. There is also an option to sell by your own personal auction. Participants must be registered at the website. If you are already registered, you need not register again, although you will need your user name and password.


Go to our Membership page, fill out the form (If not already a CAS member) and then go to and register. At this point you are all set to sell or buy. Use the “Sell” tab at top to sell or use the “Show All Sales” button to Buy. Arrangement for payment and pick up are made with the seller. When listing your sale please include your specific location by Zip Code, what form of payment you accept, and if you ship, the cost and method.


Web auctions are auctions that are created by the members of this site to sell fish and other aquarium related items to the other members of the site on the internet. It is also possible to create a direct sale for your items. In the case of a direct sale, the price is defined by the seller, and the item is sold to the first member who is willing to pay that price.


For a buyer, it is possible to bid on any number of auctions or to buy any number of items sold directly. The seller is limited to 10 auctions/direct sales at a time. If you would like to have more than 10 ads, please feel free to contact


For web auctions and direct sales, please keep a few rules in mind:

  • Bids must be in whole US dollars; no cents are accepted. Please use only digits, no commas or periods.

  • The minimum bid increase is one dollar.

  • If you increase the bid by more than one dollar, our server will bid for you against other bidders by consecutive one dollar increases until it reaches the amount you placed.

  • You may edit or delete a submitted auction/direct sale up to 5 minutes before your auction/direct sale starts. After that you will not be able to change the submitted auction/direct sale.

  • You will be able to relist your auction/direct sale or use it as a template 15 minutes after the end of your auction/direct sale.” (

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