The Colorado Aquarium Society, established in 1947, is an open group for aquarists to share their interest in all facets of the aquarium hobby. Our members consist of advanced expert hobbyists as well as beginners and all levels between. If you are interested in learning about the hobby, sharing your experience in the hobby, or would like to discuss any aspect of fish, invertebrates, plants, aquariums, ponds, and amphibians, The Colorado Aquarium Society General Meetings take place the first Friday of each month except July and December when we have parties instead.  Our meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome!  We have a public auction twice a year in the Spring and Fall, mini-auctions at each meeting, and special events though out the year. Please see below for current dates. Each meeting has a Bowl Show where members show their fish and/or invertebrates for prizes and ribbons. Other programs we have are Grow Competitions (both fish and plants), Aquarist of the Year, and more. Members who place in these competitions are awarded points that are accumulated towards a number of different awards.  For details on these programs and all our activities, rules, and guidelines use the menu above.

Monthly Meeting:  Friday, February 7th, 2019 @ 7:00pm in Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden Ave. Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113.


Speaker: Irene Bearly speaking on "What to Do If Your Fish Start Breeding on Accident".  Irene was an engineering marketing manager for many years and recently started working for Aquarium Co-Op. Her YouTube channel "Girl Talks Fish" (formerly "A Gamer's Wife") shares practical tips about nano fish and planted aquariums.


Bowl Show: 1. Rainbows. Shown in pairs
                      2. African cichlids. Species such as Haplochromis, Larnprologis, Tropheus, Pseudotropheus, Jewel Cichlids, T. buttikoferi,

                          S. rnosambica, Chromidotilapia, and others native to Africa. Shown in pairs with divider, if needed.

                     3. Open Class: Any aquarium animal of any kind may be entered.


Mini-Auction: Bring in aquarium related items such as fish, plants, or lightly used equipment to auction off. The auction is held last so that people can see and inspect the merchandise before bidding. There is a limit of 5 items per member and items to be auctioned must be registered with before the meeting (See Auctions tab for more details).


Coming Events, Mark your calendars:​

FEBRUARY 7TH - Regular Meeting:

Speaker : Irene Bearly

See list of Bowl Show categories here

MARCH 6TH - Regular Meeting: In the Great Hall, rear of Church

(only time we meet here in 2020) 

Speaker : Gary Lange - Rainbowfish Guru 

See list of Bowl Show categories here

MARCH 28TH - Spring Auction


APRIL 3RD - Regular Meeting:

Speaker : TBA

See list of Bowl Show categories here

The logos you see here are now on T-shirts and merch.  When the T-shirt or Hoodie is worn into a participating LFS (local fish store) between now and the end of 2020 the wearer gets a 5-10% discount (at the discretion of the retailer).  A list of participating stores is on the sponsors page.  

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Meetings take place at Bethany Lutheran Church 4500 E. Hampden Ave. Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113.   

Membership is free, so your support is greatly appreciated. 

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