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Colorado Aquarium Society

Upcoming Events


June meeting is Friday 6/2 @ 7 p.m.

Congratulations to our May Bowl Show winners:


First Place - Sean Morton, Dumbo Red Mosaic Guppies

(above is also winner of Best of Show)

Second Place - Sean Morton, Albino Blue-tail Guppies

Third Place - Kevin Thurston, Red Wag Swordtails

Popular Choice - Roman Shnayderman

Sharks & Loaches

First Place - Dallas Barrett, Rainbow Shark

Second Place - Dallas Barrett, Balance Shark

Third Place - Larry Brown, Red Tail Shark

Open Class

First Place - Salvador Avila

June Meeting Presentation


Reinstate Paid Membership

CAS member sellers at our auctions get 80-20 split

non-members get only 50-50 split
you can join CAS as a paid member up until the start of auction
to be eligible for member split

Bowl Show participation is limited to CAS members as well

Join and support CAS as a paid member here

or in person at the meeting

Don't forget to:

  1. enter your auction items here

  2. enter the bowl show!

NEW  June Bowl Show Categories:

1.   Killifish. All Killifish (including natives)
Shown in pairs.

2.   Bristle nose plecos.  Generally these will be cultivars of Ancistrus spp.

3.   Open Class

Bowl Show participants please arrive early to setup your tanks/bowls

and fill out necessary paperwork for your entry.



The Colorado Aquarium Society, established in 1947, is an open group for aquarists to share their interest in all facets of the aquarium hobby. Our members consist of advanced expert hobbyists as well as beginners and all levels between. Our monthly meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome!


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Visit us in person, usually 1st Friday of the Month, 7pm

Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

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