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November Meeting is This Friday 11/3 @ 7 p.m.

- Meeting Presentation -


Classified Fish? Fish Classified? or is it Fish - Classified?

Is it a secret? No.

Is it an ad for fish? No.

From basic animal biology we have heard about kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and finally species.

Where do fish fit in all that mumbo jumbo?

Have you ever wondered why tetras are called tetras? what exactly is a cichlid? how to tell if a fish is a cichlid? what physical characteristics is a fish cichlid? what about a loach with whiskers, could it be mistaken as a catfish?

Kevin Thurston, who usually wears his hat as our club auctioneer, is going to give a short presentation on fish classifications. so bring your questions and next time you will be wise enough to identify what's the fish in the bag.


Where: Calvary Baptist Church of Denver, Fellowship Hall

          6500 E Girard Ave, Denver CO 80224


- Growth Contest Fish -

Back in May we had Roseline Sharks as growth contest fish, now 6 months have passed so it's time to bring them back.  The biggest specimen wins!

- Thanks to Our Supporters -

Big thanks to MC Aquatics, Neptune's Tropical, Fish Den, Aqua Rocks Colorado, Biggs Lagoon, in donating to the club this past year in support of raffle prizes and items in our fund raising auctions.  Please visit your local fish stores for your fishy needs... especially those who support the club.

- Mini Auction -

As usual the second half of the meeting will be the mini-auction.

Sellers are limited to 5 items of anything related to the hobby.

Unfortunately the auction website is broken, so we will have to have our mini auction the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper.

Those of you bringing anything to sell, please arrive early to do the paperwork (literally).

- Bow Show Winners from October -


First Place - Larry Brown, Female Betta Galaxy

(above is also Best of Show)

Second Place - Kelly Garcia, Female Betta


No entry

Open Class

First Place - Salvador Avila, Male Elephant Ear Betta

(above is also winner of People's Choice)

Second Place - Salvador Avila, Synodontis Decorum

Reinstate Paid Membership

CAS member sellers at our auctions get 80-20 split

non-members get only 50-50 split
you can join CAS as a paid member up until the start of auction
to be eligible for member split

Bowl Show participation is limited to CAS members as well

Join and support CAS as a paid member here

or in person at the meeting

Don't forget to:

1.  enter your auction items here

2.  enter the bowl show!

NEW  November Bowl Show Categories:


  1. Catfish. All catfish not listed elsewhere Includes Mochokidae (Synodontis, Upside-down cat, Angelicus, Lucipinnus, Multipunctatus, Lace, Eupterus, etc), Pimelodidae ( Pictus, Red Tail, Shovelnose), Doradidae (Raphael), Ictaluridae (Bullhead), Glass Cats, Bagridae (Black Lancer, Asian Bumblebee), Electric Cat, Callichthyidae (Callichtys, porthole, Hoplo), Pangasius (Irridescent shark), Chacidae (Frogmouth), etc.
    Shown as singles.

  2. West African and non-rift lake Cichlids Includes Pelvicachromis (Kribs), Nanochromis, Teleogramma, Steatocranus (Lion head or Block head), Hemichromis (Jewel), Tilapia and its derivatives, Chromidotilapia, Pseudocrenilabrus (Egyptian mouthbrooder), Haplochromis not endemic to a rift lake, Astatotilapia (burtoni).
    Shown as pairs where sex is readily determined otherwise two fish. Fish over six inches may be shown as singles.

  3. Bred-by-Exhibitor. Any fish that was bred and raised to sellable size by the person showing the fish.

  4. Open class​

Bowl Show participants please arrive early to setup your tanks/bowls

and fill out necessary paperwork for your entry.



The Colorado Aquarium Society, established in 1947, is an open group for aquarists to share their interest in all facets of the aquarium hobby. Our members consist of advanced expert hobbyists as well as beginners and all levels between. Our monthly meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome!


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