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Colorado Aquarium Society

Upcoming Events



Happy New Year!

At this month's meeting we're going to have:

Re-Introduction to CAS and a Town Hall Meeting
We are going to take this opportunity to present
the activities CAS offers :

  • Bowl Show          

  • Breeder Awards,

  • Auctions             

  • Equipment Loner Program


and most importantly we're going to talk about 

CAS Membership 

This will be a town hall style meeting,

so bring your comments/questions because we want to
know how we can serve our members better.

Don't forget to:

  1. enter your auction items here

  2. enter the bowl show!

Starting this month we have a NEW schedule of monthly categories

This Month's Bowl Show Categories:

1. Rainbowfish.
(Restricted to members of the order Atheriniformes. The most popular and readily available rainbows including, but not limited to: Madagascar, Boesmani, Herbertaxelrodi, Threadfin, Celebes, Maccullochi, Praecox, Irian etc.)

Shown in pairs.

2. Minnows (Cyprinidae).
Includes: Danios (zebras, pearl, leopard, etc.), Rasboras, Shiners, Fatheads, White Clouds, Tiger Barbs, Odessa Barbs.
Shown in pairs. Excludes “Sharks” (Genera: Labeo, Morulius, Epalzeorhynchos[Red tail, Rainbow etc.])

3. Open Class



The Colorado Aquarium Society, established in 1947, is an open group for aquarists to share their interest in all facets of the aquarium hobby. Our members consist of advanced expert hobbyists as well as beginners and all levels between. Our monthly meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome!


Visit US

Visit us in person, 1st Friday of the Month, 7pm

Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

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