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Friday, April 6, 2018    7:00pm
April General Meeting

Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

Event Open to Anyone

Notice!  Meeting time is now 7:00.  We will be starting 1/2 hour earlier!

Notice!  We will be meeting in The Great Hall, which is in the South (rear) of the Church,  Our normal meeting space is being remodeled.

Please note: the CAS bowl show for aquascapes is the April meeting. Anything 10 gallons or under is about the only restriction. We don’t allow livestock to keep the focus on plants. This is addendum to the previous posting about the meeting Friday. - Posted by Sequoia on our facebook group

Friday, April 6, 2018 @ 7:00 at the Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden AveIf you enjoy the aquarium hobby, want to learn more about your fish and you want to have access to new species and new varieties, join us.  Non-members, visitors and guests are always welcome. No cost to attend. Family friendly. Children welcome. Get Fishy!  

  • Our      Program:   Gregg Sage will be presenting on the      practice of Selective Breeding based on some current breeding      projects at Select Aquatics, including two new fish that will      not be ready for sale for 3 to 5 more years. The development of the Green      Dragon Plecostomus, the high red Odessa Barb, the gold      alvarezi, the high fin mayae, the trout-like Ilyodon furcidens and      the high white Synodontis lucipinnis are each addressed, describing      the processes and techniques used. Questions will follow, and there      will be some fish available! 
         Gregg Sage is a frequent speaker at Aquarium clubs, conventions and      wherever aquarium hobbyists gather to further their knowledge.  Visit      his web site,      for more information on this fishy star.
  • Volunteer      Opportunity: This is a good time for you to step forward if      you have ideas to help us improve our club, meetings and auctions.       Help us make 2018 a better year!
  • Mini Auction,      bring your excess fish, plants, equipment.  Reminder, only 5 items      per person at the mini auction.   Bargains!
  • Auction Checks will be available.
  • Our Bowl Show      categories for April show will be:
    Show classes for April are:  1) Invertebrates. Snails; Starfish;      Anemones; Crabs, Shrimp and other Crustaceans, etc.   2. Sharks and      Loaches. Sharks from the Cyprinid Family including the Red-Tailed and      Black Shark and loaches from the Cobitis Family including the Kuhli and      Weather loaches and members of the genus Botia. Singles or pairs may be      shown.
         3. Open class, bring your best and win some prizes!

Coming Events, Mark your calendars:

  • May 4, Friday,      regular members meeting: Bowl Show classes will be:       1. Non-native killifish. All species not native to the US. Shown in      pairs or twos with dividers if needed.  2. Angels. Shown in      pairs.  3.  Open class
  • June 1, Friday      regular members meeting.  Bowl Show classes will be:  1.  Characins      and Tetras. Neon’s, Serpaes, Black Tetra, Flame Tetra, Piranha, Silver      Dollars, Anostomus, Leporinus, Metynnis, Headstanders, etc. Hatchets,      Headstanders and Pencil Fish are classified as non-characins by some, but      are included in this class. Shown in twos, with a divider, if      necessary.  2. Barbs. All species of the genera barbus, Barbodes,      Capoeta and Puntius.  Shown in pairs or twos. 3.  Open      Class
  • July, no meeting,      annual picnic.    Fun, fun, fun!  Date and place to be      announced
  • Saturday,       October 27, CAS Fall Auction.  An all day      extravaganza featuring fish, fish and more fish, equipment, supplies      and plants.  Bigger and better than ever!
  • Anyone with dates for Killi      club and Cichlid meetings, please let me know so I can include them .

 Visit us and see what you have been missing. Family friendly, guests welcome. 

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