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Friday, December 1, 2017    7:00pm
December General Meeting - HOLIDAY PARTY - Friday!

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Event Open to Members and Their Guests

CAS December Christmas Party, Pot Luck, Awards, and Gift Exchange

Kick off the Holiday season in style with the December CAS meeting and Holiday Party!  This year, in addition to CAS members and guests we’ve invited the folks at RMCA to join us, so the party will be extra merry.  CAS will provide entrees, sides and beverages; appetizers and desserts will be pot-luck style, so bring on your best yummy things!

 The celebration will be held at 7:00pm on Friday December 1st.

Location:            Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

RSVP's are requested as we have to set up the room for the number attending. Anyone who can assist with set-up and decorating, please come at 5:30.

 The December Bowl Show will consist of The Grand Championship! All first place winners from all classes held during the year are eligible. If you won a CAS Bowl Show this year, please bring back your winners to compete in our Championship round!  A list of the eligible fish/winners is below.  We look forward to seeing all of them together in one place and declaring a Champ.  Please remember: Only flat sided containers are accepted into the Bowl Show.

 Many other CAS awards will also be announced and given out during the party.


As always, we’ll have our ‘White Shark’ gift exchange so if you want to play, bring something (preferably fish-related) in an unadorned brown paper bag and be prepared to get sneaky.  In case you’re not familiar with this, here are the rules:

Anyone who would like to participate in our ‘White Shark’ gift exchange should bring an un-wrapped fish related gift in a paper bag, usually a value of $10,  The unlabeled gifts are placed on a table and numbers are drawn to participate. When your number is called, you have the option to pick a new gift from the table or “steal” a gift from someone else. Once a gift has been held by the same person three times, they keep the gift and it can no longer be stolen. When all the gifts are taken from the table, each participating person will have a gift and the game is over.

 We look forward to seeing everyone there!

 Winning 1st place fish, Eligible fish for bowl show:

  • Kevin     Thurston, Variegated Shark
  • Lily     Hwang, Ropefish, Axolotl
  • Harlan     Beste, Dwarf Mexican Crayfish
  • John     Beste, Tiger Salamander, Snow white crayfish
  • Bruce     Ferguson, 10 gal eleocharis
  • Scott     Gesling, Ember Tetras
  • Patricia     B.   Goldfish
  • Cruz     Diaz,  Blue Russian guppies
  • Matthew     Rip, Honduran Redpoint
  • Meliane     Hwang, Siamese Algae Eater
  • John     Gertsch, Sailfish Molly
  • Terry     Hanna,   Albino Cory
  • Dave     Schieltz   Pseudomugel Luminatis, Aulonocara Blue Regal, Redfin     shark, Scienchromio Freyri, Aulonocara sp Strawberry, Odess Barb
  • Larry     Brown, Red Stripe Danio, Silver Mollies, Angels, Gold Gardneri, Hifin     Cardinals, Apisto Agaziyi, Kissing Gourami, Haplo Cats
  • Carlene     Pool,  Male Betta Crowntail
  • Rene     Rodrequez, Belonosox
  • Elisa     Phillips, Female Koi Betta

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