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Friday, October 6, 2017    7:30pm
October General Meeting

Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

Event Open to Anyone

Notice of meeting of the Colorado Aquarium Society, Friday, October 6, 2017 @7:30

Friday, October 6, 2017 @ 7:30 at the Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden Ave.  If you enjoy the aquarium hobby, want to learn more about your fish and you want to have access to new species and new varieties, join us once a month for a very fishy experience.   Non-members, visitors and guests are always welcome. No cost to attend. Family friendly. Get Fishy!

  • Important     notice:  This meeting will be held I th "Great Hall" which     is on the South side of the building.  The usual room has another     meeting scheduled for Friday, Go to the South West Corner to find us.
  • Our guest speaker     will be our own Dave Schieltz who will be speaking on compatibility and     keeping different species in your tank. 
  • We will have a mini auction     of fish, plants and other fish related items.  
  • Our Bowl Show categories for     October will be: 
        1. Oddballs. Any fish not listed elsewhere; examples: Anableps, Archers,     Butterfly Fish, Eels Halfbeaks, Elephant noses, Knife Fish, Lungfish,     and Mudskippers. Freaks, mutations, and hybrids are not included. Shown as     singles or pairs.
        2. Dwarf Cichlids. Includes Apistogramma, Nannacara, Kribs, Rams, other     small cichlids of similar disposition. Shown in pairs.
        3. Open class, bring your best to show!
        See prize winning fish! Win some prizes yourself. Bring your fish to     show!  

Upcoming Fishy Events: Mark your calendars so you don't miss out!

  • Colorado Aquarium Society Board of Directors meeting, Friday,     October 27, at the Church, also set up for the auction.
  • Saturday,     Oct 28, CAS Fall Auction is scheduled!
  • Friday,     November 3, regular meeting
  • Friday,     December 1, Christmas party, dinner at     church!
  • Saturday,     March 24, CAS Spring Auction (confirmed)
  • Anyone     with dates for Killi club and Cichlid meetings, please let me know so I     can include them . 
  • Become     a Colorado Aquarium Society member for only $16 per year for the whole family. Visit us and see what you have been     missing. Family friendly, guests welcome. For more information, visit our web site     at 


Promptness Award: Make sure that you are at the general meeting by 7:30 for your chance to win the Promptness Award.

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